Course Transformation Work

Analysis and Design of Control Systems, EE 3413 & Network Theory, EE 2423: This course transformation includes experts working with Dr. Hariharan Krishnaswami, Dr. Yongcan Cao, Dr. Youngjoong Joo, and Dr. Chunjian Qian during spring and fall of 2017. We will examine how the customization of learning through adaptive assessments improves student achievement and retention in EE. The RECITE model will be used to create a more engaging and personalized course experience through weekly adaptive assessments that will be administered to students via Blackboard. The results will inform the next recitation and the topics addressed. Additional instructional materials, created by EE faculty (i.e. instructional videos) and facilitated by the Department of Online Learning, will also be placed on Blackboard to provide further student support. Adaptive assessment scores, student achievement data, enrollment data, and student RECITE experience surveys will be collected. Our embedded experts created a new observational tool (SEOP) to be used along with COPUS. This instrument will be used in recitation only to collect data on student engagement.  


Faculty and Student Development Programs

Faculty Collaboration: Electrical Engineering faculty work with the Department of online learning to navigate the implementation of an online adaptive assessment via Blackboard. The team also focuses on the creation of online instructional materials (i.e. instructional videos).



Dr. Vittorio Marone is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology in the department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching. As the lead EE embedded expert.  He holds a PhD in Education in a dual-degree program from the University of Padua and The University of Tennessee as well as a PhD in Languages, Cultures, and Societies from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He is currently working with EE faculty to develop and deploy the adaptive assessment system and develop online instructional materials.


Dr. Emily Bonner is an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching and supports EE faculty in designing, developing, and implementing course transformations. She graduated with her PhD in Mathematics from the University of Florida in 2009, co-directed the South Texas STEM Canter for Educators, and currently directs the San Antonio Mathematics Collaborative (SAMC).