The University of California-Davis

Campus Leaders

UC Davis is conducting a mixed-methods study of changes in instructional practice and culture that have come about due to the introduction of tenure-eligible teaching faculty (Lecturers with Potential Security of Employment) across campus. The overarching goal of the study is to provide a research foundation on teaching faculty impacts in their departments and classrooms, and the factors that support, amplify, and maximize their impact.

In addition to this research project, UC Davis’s Center for Educational Effectiveness in conjunction with TRESTLE also supports teaching stream faculty in their continuing educational scholarship and course re-design and transformation. 


Stephanie Pulford, PhD

Associate Director, Instructional Research and


Center for Educational Effectiveness


Amanda Modell

Graduate Student Researcher, Instructional

Research and Development

Center for Educational Effectiveness


Miriam Martin, PhD

Teaching Faculty/LPSOE

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Natalia Caporale, PhD

Teaching Faculty/LPSOE

Department of Neurobiology, Physiology

and Behavior


Marina Crowder, PhD

Teaching Faculty/LPSOE

Molecular and Cellular Biology


Marco Molinaro, PhD

Assistant Vice Provost for Educational


Director, Center for Educational