Queen’s University at Kingston

Queen’s University leverages the expertise of post-doctoral scholars to facilitate pedagogical changes in departments. Courses are re-designed to align learning outcomes and provide a more engaged approach to student learning. The research tracks changes in teaching practice and their associated links with student learning.

The post-docs support instructors to review their course materials and syllabus, and work with them to develop new learning activities (experiments or assignments) for laboratory or lecture courses.

One of the benefits of our post-doc model has been to share the course redesign successes and challenges with a range of stakeholders. Results are shared with course instructors, departmental leaders, the community at Queen’s, the TRESTLE network, and the wider academic community through presentations, reports, and publications. Queen’s researchers continue to investigate the effectiveness of particular teaching practices, to maximize learning opportunities for students.

More information available at http://www.queensu.ca/qloa/trestle-project

Campus Leaders

Brian Frank

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Faculty of Engineering and Applied




Natalie Simper

Research Associate

Office of the Provost



Bei Cai

Teaching and Learning Fellow

Department of Physics, Engineering

Physics and Astronomy



Deena Abdel Hamid Salem

Engineering Teaching and Learning


Faculty of Engineering and Applied




Electrical and Computer



Mechanical Engineering


Physics, Engineering Physics and