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Transformed Education


 Welcome to TRESTLE! We are a multi-institution, NSF-funded project working to implement and evaluate a model to promote improved STEM education at research universities.

TRansforming Education, Stimulating Teaching and Learning Excellence



Upcoming Events

TRESTLE Summit: June 6, 2022 

“Creating and Supporting Department-Level Change Leadership for Evidence-Based Practice”

Stay tuned for more details about the TRESTLE Summit. This meeting will be an occasion to discuss what we have learned through the TRESTLE initiative, as well as from other campuses that have enacted similar strategies to promote educational change. Our goal is to foster forward-thinking discussions of how to adapt the core TRESTLE principles for other types of change efforts, such as advancing DEI or flexibility in undergraduate education.    

For more information, contact Dea Follmer Greenhoot, dea@ku.edu

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